Dear Potential Reader:

As you may have noticed, there are no testimonials in this description imploring you to read this book. I vetoed that. The only testimonial I am interested in is the one you will have from reading and experiencing this book.

Please DO NOT read this book about me. Read this book about you. Read it about being. As you read, ask yourself:

Who would I need to BE to be a more loving person?
Who would I need to BE to be a more effective parent?
Who would I need to BE to create a level of confidence that is remarkable?
Who would I need to BE to be at peace with who I am?
Who would I need to BE to be fully in love with myself and my life?
Who would I need to BE to live the most extraordinary life I can live?

I promise you that if you read this book with the intention of expanding your state of being, you will do exactly that. Your experience will be remarkable.

Who you are Being is everything.

Loving you. Be Blessed. Be you.


The Journey of a thousands miles starts with one step


We help people create a better future

Value What It Means? What it Doesn't Mean?
  • Acknowledgment & forgiveness of yourself and others
  • Embrace & include everyone without judgment
  • Challenge with care
  • Self-serving and inconsiderate
  • Exclude others, embrace judgments, and gossip
  • Avoidance based on fear or discomfort
Be Your Word
  • Operate from workable agreements
  • Clean up when you don’t do what you say you are going to do & make a new agreement.
  • Take responsibility for what you create (and don’t create). Be willing to tell on yourself.
  • Living with expectations and disregarding agreements
  • People pleasing and not maintaining boundaries
  • Not taking responsibility for your actions, thoughts and feelings
  • Serve the greater good (serve selflessly)
  • Be open to asking for help and receiving
  • Be conscious creation & take purposeful action
  • Contributing to meet your own needs
  • Not willing to contribute or receive from others
  • Not being aware of what you are creating & random actions

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