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We sure do talk about Being a lot.  If you are like me you think you know what others mean when they say Being, but really, can we ever actually know? I figure we each have our own way of thinking about Being. And that that's kinda beautiful. I myself, from time to time put […]

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Who Are You BEING? by Ipek Williamson

"Who are you Being is everything!" - Steve Hardison   As a coach, I see countless extraordinary human beings who think of themselves poorly. Somehow someone made them feel less than at some point in their lives, and that feeling stuck with them so permanently that they could not see past it. I know that feeling. […]

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LOVE IS NOT BLIND by John Patrick Morgan

We were three rows deep into the immigration line when another voice spoke up from behind us and the kids. “I just wanted to say thank you for defusing the situation.” “You’re welcome,” I said. Kalpna smiled softly at me as the boys continued playing with the retractable belts connecting the stanchions that form the […]

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I’m in the business of Transformation by Lisa Catto

I am Lisa Catto, a proud member of the Being Leadership Team British born, living and working from London. My first introduction to Steve Hardison was via Jeff Mask. Jeff was my first official experience of having a coach back in about 2018 he had declared himself a coach in February 2018 - and I […]

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The Story of the Ultimate Coach Facebook Group By Eric Lofholm

I was first introduced to Steve Hardison by Gary Henson in 2010.  Gary said Steve had the best content out there.  I was intrigued.  I love learning.  I respect Gary.  If Gary said it is the best content, then I needed to find out more.  I connected with Steve, like so many of us, through […]

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The Power of Acknowledgment – Listening for the greatness in others - by Dave Orton

As we seek to be and become the best versions of ourselves, it is useful to listen for and acknowledge the greatness of those around us. Coming from acknowledgment assists both the acknowledger and the one being acknowledged to unlock divine potential and experience a rising of the tides, where all boats rise.  In all […]

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Welcome to the Being Blog: The Journey of Being by Tiffany Bridges

Greetings, I am Tiffany Bridges, a proud member of the Being Leadership team. It is my pleasure to welcome you to our Being Blog, a platform specifically dedicated to the exploration and celebration of the concept of "Being." Eight years ago, my transformational journey of Being began when I found myself living under self-imposed expectations […]

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Exciting Announcement: John Patrick Morgan & The Being Movement Join Forces!

John Patrick Morgan & The Being Movement Join Forces!

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