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The Being Movement! Is a group of Leaders, Coaches, and Mentors dedicated to helping people create a better future.
The Book of Being is a nickname for the book by Amy Blake Hardison and Dr. Alan D. Thompson entitled “The Ultimate Coach.” When one reads this book about themselves, their ways of being will expand to receive more power, peace, freedom, connection, and enjoyment in their lives.
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The Document is a collection of declarative “I am” statements created by a person as an intentional place to come from as life unfolds. These declarations remind us who we are when we temporarily forget, or show up in life in another way of being. They are both the place we’re striving to get to, and the place we’re coming from. The declarations are like a tomato seed. They are the possibility of a tomato plant and, when cultivated, they become the wholeness of the tomato plant.

In general, people do not consciously create who they are being. They react to life. The Document gives the possibility of consciously creating oneself.
We have a course on the basics of Document creation which will be available soon.
The questions on the back of the book, and in the “Before You Begin” sections are designed to assist you in reading the book about you. In the absence of this, the book can show up like a biography of a guy called Steve Hardison. When you read the book about you, the experience opens your life to possibilities like peace of mind, thriving relationships, authenticity, new openings for action, and creating the life you desire to live.

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