I am Lisa Catto, a proud member of the Being Leadership Team British born, living and working from London.

My first introduction to Steve Hardison was via Jeff Mask.

Jeff was my first official experience of having a coach back in about 2018 he had declared himself a coach in February 2018 - and I jumped at the chance.

I had known Jeff via Keap (formally known as Infusionsoft) for a number of years, having become one of their partners in 2010.  I had also interviewed him on my Infusionsoft unleashed radio show in 2015 - It was a no-brainer to coach with him.

It was here that I met Tiffany Bridges and was introduced to the TBOLITNFL video for the first time.

Tiffany and I joined Jeff at Brandon Craig’s Ontocore program in Utah, in 2019.

Being a Landmark graduate and having been introduced to the world of personal development in 1988 by my mother, this was all very Comfortable for me (sometimes too comfortable)

Tiffany and I have remained super close, and often refer to each other as soul sisters.  There is nobody that calls me out more on my BEing than she does (often with a look of glee on her face / or rolling eyes) when she finds that I’m being incongruent… She loves to tell on me and tell me that she’s telling on me… (We have a lot of humour and love between us as you can tell). 

She called me in January 2021 super excited about this book (The Ultimate Coach). I had to stop what I was doing and go read immediately.  “You know, that guy in the TBOLITNFL video Jeff showed us, I’m going to the event in Arizona, can you fly out …?” 

I did as I was told and read the book (about me) and flew back from visiting Tiffany (TN, USA) to join the Ultimate Experience London Edition.

I loved this community from the outset. Witnessing the birthing of The Being Movement was wonderful experience and seeing the impact on so many souls.

I have found that being in service is something I’m a natural at. Perhaps this has something to do with a need for external validation.  By the very nature of what my career has become, I have found myself in support of many changemakers in my business, including Richard Litvin, Peter Sage, Trevor G. Blake, and …… Steve Hardison, to name a few.

I have realised that ….

I am in the business transformation!

I know that the best impact that I can have in the world is by enabling the changemakers. By amplifying their voice and message in the world.

When I saw Steve Hardison in the early days of the Facebook group’s creation, offering to send people added value in the way of audios and whatnot, I was called to reach out to him.

I was in Arizona at the Keap annual conference with Clate Mask.

I messaged Steve on Facebook and I said 

“Let me support you in the growth of this community, by managing a Keap CRM with the supporting automation in order that we can truly harness the power of the movement  that is in creation.”

Steve referred me straight away to Eric Lofholm and since April 2022 I was invited to join the leadership team.

It’s been a journey…

It continues to be a journey…

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The quality of people and challenges consistently creates an environment of growth and fulfillment, whilst being part of something that is bigger than us all.

Greetings, I am Tiffany Bridges, a proud member of the Being Leadership team. It is my pleasure to welcome you to our Being Blog, a platform specifically dedicated to the exploration and celebration of the concept of "Being."

Eight years ago, my transformational journey of Being began when I found myself living under self-imposed expectations (and judgments), heaps of mom guilt, relationship struggles, and engaging in relentless professional pursuits under the belief that it was ‘supposed to be hard’. A chance encounter at Clate Masks' Elite Mastermind led me to Steve Hardison, a beacon of tranquility and authenticity in the midst of the hustle. His embodiment of "being" sparked a curiosity within me, setting me on a path of profound transformation.

During this journey, I discovered the liberating power of self-forgiveness. As I embraced my imperfections and forgave myself for perceived shortcomings and past actions, a significant shift occurred. No longer weighed down by guilt, regret, and self-doubt, I found myself experiencing a newfound freedom and joy.

Embracing self-forgiveness paved the way for a deeper understanding of Being. I became more present, more connected to my desires, and more attuned to those around me. I found profound fulfillment in cherishing each moment, each interaction, and each breath. My capacity for love sees no boundaries and my relationships have blossomed. My business has evolved with me and therefore serves me and others in the most powerful and profound ways. It has also prepared me for some of life's challenges - giving me the ability to see the gift that it is even while I’m in the midst of it. 

Now, my mission is to share these insights and experiences with you through this blog. Our Being Blog serves as a platform to explore the transformative power of Being over doing in all aspects of our lives - leadership, relationships, health and wellness, business, and wealth.

Together, we will delve into questions like, "What does it mean to truly 'be'?" "How can we lead from a place of being?" "What does authenticity look like in our actions?" "How does 'being' manifest in our relationships, in our approach to health and wellness, in the way we conduct business, or in our relationship with wealth?" 

This blog is more than just a collection of articles; it's a sanctuary for growth, exploration, and transformation. It's a space for you to shed the burdensome layers of "have to's" and embrace the liberating, joyous journey of "being."

Excitingly, this journey will not be a solo one. Our blog will feature contributions from a diverse range of voices - core members of our team, featured guests, and members from our vibrant community. Each contributor will bring unique perspectives and insights, enriching our collective understanding and experience of "being."

As we embark on this journey together, we'll discover that when we let go of the "have to's," and judgments we create space for joy, love, and authentic fulfillment. So, let's step into the world of Being together, and witness the extraordinary impact it can have in our lives.

Are you ready to embrace this journey of Being? If you'd love some guidance on this transformative path, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to support and guide you every step of the way.

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