TU BE 24

The Ultimate Experience Birmingham Edition

25th and 26th May 2024


When you listen, what do you hear?

Do you hear yourself or everyone around you clearly?

Is life like a badly tuned radio where you’re only catching parts of the story? A world of noise and Unfiltered static?

Do you hear anything at all?

When you listen to yourself, what do you hear?

Do you hear the noises of everything you’re not? Your doubts, Your judgements, your fears?

Does the way you listen and what you hear allow you to learn, allow you to grow?

Does your listening allow you to live the life that you want?

What if you could listen to something different?

In May 2024,

there is an Ultimate Experience in Birmingham, focused on how you Listen, how you hear, and who you can BE for yourself and others by transforming this in your life.

What if you could hear yourself being a stand for everything you are at your core and step into being that, Be who you really want to Be, own your thoughts and actions with conviction and purpose.

Can you hear that?

That’s the sound of a new you waiting to be unleashed from your old judgements. The stories you’ve been given and accepted over the years that hold you back from your true greatness.

In Birmingham next May, you will learn to listen to yourself,  hear the true you, and with what you hear, create yourself and your life in a whole new way. You can be the incredible, amazing person that you always knew you could be.

You will be able to listen to others from a place of love, without judgement and hear them in a way that can only lead to better outcomes for you all. You can create your relationships with your partner, children, colleagues, and strangers even in the most connected, powerful and loving ways.

You will step away from this weekend with a lifetime gift for yourself and all those around you: the ability to hear, the ability to release those judgments that limit you, and the ability to limitlessly create your life in any way you want.

There will be the most amazing Speakers

on stage, coaches, entrepreneurs, business leaders, artists and more, all telling their stories of who they are, how they create their world around them and how all that comes from how they listen to themselves and hear who they are at their core.

If you told yourself “I am the best parent in the world”, or “I am the most effective person in my work”, would you really listen to yourself? would you hear it and listen to it? Would you dismiss it as untrue and not take it in?

Over the weekend in Birmingham

these things will be revealed, of who you believe you are,  who you can BE!, how you speak to yourself, how listening to who you truly are at your core , and how you allow your world that you create with your own senses to be the reality that it is, either good or bad.

And with us next year we will be helping you to create the incredible life you really want, and it all starts with how you listen, and what you hear.



This event is all inspired by the charity that we are supporting, Birmingham Children’s Hospital. All the profits from this event will be going to this incredible organization. Their Cochlear implant team give the Gift of hearing to hundreds of children a year in the hospital which is only metres away from this event.  Every Person who buys a ticket will be helping to create a donation that will help life changing work for children and families locally to this event.

One of our event Organizers daughters received her implants at the age of 4 and the ability to hear transformed her life, the life of their entire family, and all around her.

Her language changed, her ability to communicate heightened, her ability to learn and grow, develop her relationships, friendships and more….

If you changed your ability to listen and what you could hear, what could it change for you?

what could it change for you?



Ankush Jain is a world class coach and has worked with the best of the best in Steve Hardison, Steve Chandler, Keith Blevens and more to become a master of his art. He is currently creating huge shifts with his new coaching school, both in the Uk and internationally, and is also one of the creators behind the previous London and India events, so now he can bring his brilliant insight from the backstage to centre stage for all to hear.

Gary Mahler, a well travelled individual who was born in Quebec, moved to British Columbia, and has lived in Paris, Tokyo and Hawaii. He is currently living in Tokyo but will be joining us live on stage to be part of our event. Before coaching, Gary ran Mahler Industries, a highly regarded CNC manufacturing facility in British Columbia, for more than 20 years before he became alive as a professional coach.

Karan Rai is a purpose-driven entrepreneur and investor, who founded ASGARD Partners

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