As we seek to be and become the best versions of ourselves, it is useful to listen for and acknowledge the greatness of those around us. Coming from acknowledgment assists both the acknowledger and the one being acknowledged to unlock divine potential and experience a rising of the tides, where all boats rise.  In all our becoming, let us notice and appreciate the light that resides within others—their greatness, brilliance, and sacred potential at whatever level of development or expression.

In this article, you will get learn how to listen for, express, and receive acknowledgment.

The Illusion of Separation:

In listening for authentic acknowledgment, it is important to remember that generally speaking, we humans can only see what is already part of us. To quote Byron Katie, “You spot it, you got it!”  In other words, we can notice in others only that which exists in our being. 

If you look upon another and notice their presence, peace, and power, the part of you that is present, peaceful, and powerful is the part that is noticing. 

It is not required for you to be those things all the time, or even to have them developed to a seasoned degree.  The acorn recognizes the majesty of an oak.  And the oak recognizes the unfolding potential of an acorn.

Authentic acknowledgment is, at a certain level, always self-acknowledgment and acknowledgment of another in the same moment.

Master acknowledgers enjoy the giving and receiving that emerges as they acknowledge others and themselves.

The Art of Listening

The standard model of listening like this: I hear someone say something.  The mind jumps to an immediate interpretation of the meaning, thinking, and intentions behind what was said, and then listens to the thoughts about that interpretive creation.

This is particularly visible when people listen from a prejudicial perspective. We unconsciously presume that our point of view is the only valid one and therefore, it’s ridiculous to listen to other perspectives.  For examples of this, tune into Fox News and NBS News, and try to maintain a neutral point of view.

To listen beyond our own interpretation is challenging, at first, and requires the burning of mental calories to shift our point of view.

Here are some of the default places we come from in our listening:

You can see the judgments and/or agendas of these listening.  People who experience being listened from these places seldom experience connection with the listener.

Here are some more powerful places to listen from:

Listening from these places has no prejudice. It is listening without an agenda, and it is a far more powerful way of listening.  People who experience being listened to from these places often experience a level of connection with the listener.

Listening from conscious creation looks like this:

Steve Hardison has often said, “The Listener has all the power.”  Listening can be an expression of love. It is an intentional act of creation. The experience of listening, or being listened to, from conscious creation feels like loving-kindness. It is listening for greatness and expanding, appreciating (as in expanding the value of), and using your interpretive power to build up instead of tearing down.

The Shift from Listening to Acknowledging:

In the words of Eckhart Tolle,

"The greatest gift you can give to someone is your presence and your belief in them."

When you’re listening for greatness, greatness is what you hear. The mind’s superpower seems to be to come up with answers to all questions.  Listening for greatness is both a mental and heart-centered practice.  The mind comes up with answers, and the heart compassionately directs the action and tests for accuracy.

To be acknowledging includes having the courage to make assertions of greatness to others. It is an expression of creation in language. As you acknowledge, you create a person.  In the beginning, it’s useful to say, “To me, you are being” and then state the acknowledged ways of being.   While it continues to be a declaration (creative language), it allows for mistakes and self-compassion in case you say something that doesn’t land well for the person you’re acknowledging.

Over time, your accuracy will improve, and you may choose to drop the “To me,” preamble.  You will see authentic greatness everywhere, including in you.

Receiving Acknowledgment:

When someone acknowledges you, how do you respond? Does it occur to you as natural and appropriate? Does it feel like they’re trying to get something from you? Does your mind immediately think that they’re blowing smoke?

If you notice yourself thinking soul-shrinking thoughts when someone acknowledges you, take a few deep breaths, remind yourself that the soul who looks through your eyes is divine, and read/listen again.

I invite to you consider the possibility of allowing your mind and your heart to compassionately process the acknowledgment, and try on the statements like you would try on garments at a clothing store.  If they fit, wear them!

When you can say “Thank you,” or, “Thank you for noticing!” in response to acknowledgment, your receiving skills are expanding, and you may notice your soul’s value expanding. 


Seeing the greatness in others reflects your own greatness.  

Self-Acknowledgment may seem counterintuitive.  If you grew up in a culture where drawing attention to yourself or to your accomplishments was considered socially unacceptable, being self-acknowledging may feel weird at first, and it gets easier with practice.

The key to self-acknowledgment is to remember the “You spot it, you got it” principle from Katie Byron. Trying to acknowledge others without accepting acknowledgment, or self-acknowledging your greatness, is like trying to remove one pole of a magnet.  Even if the intention is humility, the practice is futile.

Regarding humility, remember that humility means being willing to consider different perspectives and to learn from life.  It doesn’t mean groveling or pretending to be less than you are. Humility is not pretentious.  Self-acknowledgment is a facet of humility that allows you to appreciate yourself at your current level and glimpse the greatness that is coming.

Self-expansion is a principle of truth insofar as we are both giving and receiving praise, appreciation, approbation, and acknowledgment – all boats rise, and everybody wins.

Try it out. Write out a list of 10 things for which you acknowledge yourself.  For extra (made-up) credit, record a video of your self-acknowledgment and post it.

For the ultimate assignment, fill up a legal notebook with statements of self-acknowledgment like Ankush Jain did as part of his coaching with Steve Hardison


May we notice and remember the brilliance that is part of ourselves and others. By listening for greatness and giving, and receiving generous and authentic acknowledgment, we experience Being powerful creators and have our version of the acorn’s experience as it acts from being a majestic oak.  

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We couldn't be more thrilled to share some incredible news with you:

John Patrick Morgan and The Being Movement have teamed up to create a strategic partnership that promises to take your BEing journey to new heights!

If you're unfamiliar with JP, let us introduce you to this remarkable individual who has dedicated his life to helping others grow and thrive.

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