We sure do talk about Being a lot. 

If you are like me you think you know what others mean when they say Being, but really, can we ever actually know?

I figure we each have our own way of thinking about Being.

And that that's kinda beautiful.

I myself, from time to time put together a new string of words and say THIS is what being is!! I’ve finally got it! Then next week those words don’t do it justice either. 

There is infinite beauty in using a hard to define word. The kind of word that challenges each of us to come up with a working definition of it for ourselves. 

In that spirit, Being isn’t a thing to define properly as much as it is an invitation to put your attention on your current one. 

Here is what I mean.

When I was a kid we had this silly joke where we would ask someone “Whatcha doing?” and anytime they replied with ‘nothing’ we would cackle LIAR! I see you breathing! I see you blinking! I see you sitting on the couch. You are doing lots of stuff! GOTCHA! Muahahahaha!

That’s what Being is for me. If I am still here, I am Being something specific. And truth be told, I’m not usually paying much attention. 

I mean, are you?

I would guess that the majority of us are walking around in a state of being we take for granted at least 99% of the time. A being that to us is just the default. Neutral. Unnotable. Normal. Unremarkable.

A Being that we don’t ever see, much less describe.

Yes, we can create our Being with documents and practices, and I have much respect and admiration for those that do that work. 

Me, I’ve become more devoted to practicing noticing.

And what I’ve learned is that just like my breathing changes the moment I notice my breath. 

Noticing/remembering that I am Being inevitably changes that too.

I suppose that if I am inspired to notice my Being at all, it’s likely because I got curious if who I am Being is causing my current results, which in the moment I’m not enjoying.

What I know for sure is that the simple act of noticing my Being is a sure sign that it's about to shift.

Which means my curiosity about finding a Being that’s more useful or beautiful than the one I’m using is inseparable from me beginning to try a new one.

It’s super simple. 


Sometimes it seems like a superpower.

Not all of us are aware that we have the ability to try on different states of Being. That the moment our brains become conscious of Being, they will automatically seek to find the one that takes us to our intended destination with more efficiency and ease.

As I’ve ambled through the world of spirituality, self development, personal growth, healing, whatever you like to call living with awareness of choice, I have intentionally tried on so very many Beings that were suggested to me. 

Kindness. Joy. Compassion. Peace. Acceptance.

They are all lovely! 

But nothing has been more useful and beautiful than simply learning to notice my Being and letting my brain get to work inventing a new and more useful one right in that very moment.

Each notice begins a new experiment. 

Every single shift in Being takes me somewhere new. 

Like trying different ingredients in a recipe, adjusting my Being changes the flavor and texture of my life.

And over time expands my experience of life itself.

I won’t ever discontinue the great Being experiment, but I have to say I have developed a favorite.

A specific Being that dependably increases my productivity, peace, and connection each time I use it. 

One that makes all the others start to feel a bit contrived and controlling.

What is this Ultimate State of Being? 

I have to warn you.

Just saying it might give you some feels.

So get ready…. Here it is…. It’s….

“Nothing is Wrong”

HOLD UP. Is that even a Being?

Well, it is for me. 

It’s a state of Being that brings me the inner peace and the outer adventure that I’ve always craved but experienced as perpetually out of reach.

The person I become when Nothing Is Wrong is finally  happy with herself. With how things are. With the world as a whole.

She is also super ready to make some big awesome changes. 

She can talk to anyone about anything in any circumstance with grounded confidence. She can make decisions and take actions with certainty. She has no shame about what she wants or how she plans to go get it. 

Well, if she does find some she just lets it go. 

Nothing Is Wrong Heather is somehow the calm in the storm and the fun of the party with the wisdom of a sage all at the same time. 

Instead of feeling anxious and stressed about all that is wrong with the world, Nothing Is Wrong Heather points out when she doesn’t like something and just starts improving it. 

Now that I’ve discovered how useful it is to Be that Nothing Is Wrong, I find that it’s my go to on a daily basis.

I use it as often as I want, and the more often I do, the more I enjoy being alive.

Now and then I even notice those around me using it too!

Being that Nothing Is Wrong is so powerful, it has been turning my judgment into curiosity over and over and over and over again in every area of my life. 

Nothing Is Wrong Heather listens to her husband and children complain about her with compassion.

Nothing Is Wrong Heather simply says no to anything that she doesn’t want to do with ease.

Nothing Is Wrong Heather takes what Something Is Wrong Heather would call HUGE risks without much worry.

Nothing Is Wrong Heather speaks her beautiful mind any old time she feels like it. 

Can you see why I love it?

Being that Nothing Is Wrong IS. MY. JAM.


It turns out it’s not just mine. The Buddhists call this non-judgment. If you ask me, Eve’s apple was made of Something Is Wrong. 

As a possibility, Being that Something Is Wrong is our collective downfall.

I can’t know that for sure.

But I do know that it’s mine.

Maybe one day Nothing Is Wrong will be my default state of Being.

For now I just know that when it’s not, I eventually crave it in my body, in my mind, and in the world around me. 

And I’m relieved to create it. 

Because when I’m Being Something Is Wrong, I feel trapped. Stuck. Defensive. Scared.

When Nothing Is Wrong.


I’m just so freaking free.

"Who are you Being is everything!" - Steve Hardison  

As a coach, I see countless extraordinary human beings who think of themselves poorly. Somehow someone made them feel less than at some point in their lives, and that feeling stuck with them so permanently that they could not see past it. I know that feeling. I know that voice that says you are not worthy, you are not as important, you are not enough, and you will never get where you want to be. You will never be who you want to be.

They cannot see for a minute the brilliance and the beauty they already have. Instead of experiencing life as this beautiful mystery unfolding, filled with opportunities, possibilities, and joy, they stay where they are, terrified to make a change.

Why? Because most of us don't see life as something we create but as something given to us with many conditions and strings attached. We don't even bother exploring what might be possible if we - god forbid - even entertain the idea of changing things. The status quo is comfortable, even if it is boring, unhappy, and limiting. 

We feel unhappy in our personal lives but make excuses to stay in our marriages. We suffocate ourselves at work, sometimes experiencing bullying, mobbing, and discrimination. Some of us simply want to do something different, but we think we cannot risk losing the financial comfort we have. We live life like a frog, slowly boiled alive, unaware that we are the ones who get to choose who we are BEING! 

Seriously - Who are you BEING?  

Does any of this resonate with you? Because if it does, I have good news for you. You got the power, you are the creator, and life is a beautiful design that you get to manifest. You are whatever word you choose to add after I AM!

You are brilliant.

You are gorgeous.

You are worthy.

You are capable of creating your reality every day!

You are shaping your life by choosing, every morning, what you decide to create. It is up to you to focus on what you don't have or cherish what you have. It is up to you to carve time to BE instead of DO every day. Also, it is up to you to say today is a great day, and I am choosing to have fun! 

It is just that simple! All the Law of Attraction, The Secret, and everything you have heard of in between is about that. It is about what you choose to focus on and who you choose to BE. And to practice that, slightly changing your thoughts, attitude, and actions go a long way toward realizing your power to create. You always had that power. You just forgot you had it. Go ahead and reclaim it! 

You are a Human BEING who can realize anything when you create enough motivation. Do not wait for that motivation to come from outside or others because if you do, you might waste your life doing that. Create it yourself. Not tomorrow, not someday! Today! Now! Because you can if you choose to. You are that powerful. Please accept your power!

Ipek Williamson

We were three rows deep into the immigration line when another voice spoke up from behind us and the kids.

“I just wanted to say thank you for defusing the situation.”

“You’re welcome,” I said.

Kalpna smiled softly at me as the boys continued playing with the retractable belts connecting the stanchions that form the herding paths toward the gates of the nation.

I’d yet to share with her exactly what had happened, as she’d been a row ahead with headphones on and missed all the excitement.

Our seats were all separated on our flight back home from London; that being one of the seven or so failures of service Delta managed to pack into a single journey. They love to fly - but that’s about it - and it shows.

Not long before we got off the plane a large man from the other end of the plane came and knelt down in the aisle so that he could look me in the eyes. If he hadn’t such a kind nature about him, his behavior would have intimidated me.

“Thank you for helping my wife and kid.”

“You’re welcome,” I said.

An hour or so ago, I’d turned around to check for the food cart. At that point, the mother’s daughter caught my eye and smiled with closed lips and a sparkle in her eye. I smiled too and, closing my eyes softly, I nodded in agreement and welcome.

Not long before that, I had gotten up to fetch our son from a row ahead and take him to the toilet to change. The daughter wasn’t in her seat then, so I had a clear view of her mother as I passed. She looked straight at me and to not spook the woman again, mouthed to me silently “THANK YOU!”

“You’re welcome,” I mouthed back, putting my hand on my heart.

Everyone was in agreement that we’d avoided a near disaster on the plane. In fact, if Delta knew what had been averted, they might have offered me more than $100 for failing to get us to London as planned, failing to provide us our assigned seats together, and losing our luggage for three days. Nevertheless, I’m nearly over that now.

I saw the woman a few times after the incident. Once as I stood to head for the toilet, another at immigration, and again on the way to baggage claim. We didn’t speak after the incident, but there was an air of completion between us at least.

In a way, I feel I fell off the fence onto the more loving side, because I could have gone either way. I’m not proud to share that my first response was defensive and judgemental, not that anyone knew.

Everyone around us was already getting nervous and what she was going on about seemed so ridiculous to me, that I thought maybe I could snap her out of it with something that showed how silly she was being.

This is why, as, over and over again, she accused the mother of filming her husband and laughing about him, I slowly stuck my iPhone out into the aisle to act as if I was filming her. My meta-response amused me and the devil on my shoulder was hoping she would see it so that I could turn the phone immediately around and show her how mistaken she was; just as she was for accusing the mother of filming her husband.

The poor young mother one row back and an aisle over was trying her best to entertain her daughter, who was scared of flying, by filming her while asleep and then playing it back to her. They had laughed together at the video when she woke and the woman behind me was sure that this video was actually about her husband and that they were laughing at him together.

I know this because while one row up, I was in the middle of them and I turned around as the mother desperately tried to show this woman the video was of her daughter, not the woman’s husband.

The woman couldn’t see it though. As far as she could see, the husband was in the background of the video and the laughter was most certainly about him.

This certainty was driving her in this loop, which was getting louder and louder.

“You invaded our privacy! This is wrong! Why did you do that? Delete that video!”

It was as if she was a compact disc, skipping at the end, and restarting again. The only difference was that it got a decibel louder each time.

You could watch, like a wave, as the nervousness spread from one row into the next. More and more heads began to turn around.

It’s scary when someone starts shouting on an airplane. More scary than in public, because of how the space is confined and you have shared vulnerability in the sky.

Those who were already afraid to be gliding along at 30,000 feet would have gotten more scared. Those with children would have felt their pulses quicken before they even knew what was happening.

But I knew what was happening. Fear was spreading like fire on the plane. It was in me already, and my first unconscious response was to judge and, albeit with a kind of silent sarcasm, to fight back.

However, before anyone noticed my phone sticking out into the aisle, I realized the unusefulness of what I was doing and brought it back to my lap.

She was getting much louder now and any such sarcasm would only make it flame like gasoline.

So I sat and listened, politely, keeping my mouth shut like all the other good passengers. But then I turned around again, and I saw that the daughter was crying as her mother tried frantically to delete the video on her phone. The daughter was crying and this woman behind me, locked into the insanity of her victimized worldview kept shouting.

All throughout these fast seven minutes, no attendants had come down the aisle. It was just us, in Premium, suddenly a group together hoping the one acting up would not bring us all down.

Before I knew what I was doing, acting only on the racing heart and the injustice of the tears streaming down that girl's face, I stood up and turned with such a quickness that the woman behind me, who until that point I’d only heard and not seen, was startled from her loop and looked me dead in the eyes.

“You need to calm down,” I said.

It took me most of that sentence to meet her gaze because her thick glasses were fogged from the heat she was making. The woman could barely see.

She continued her mantra, but now in the third person to me about the mother.

“She was filming my husband. That’s wrong! She invaded our privacy! She needs to delete that!”

“I understand. I hear you,” I said. “But you need to calm down.”

She was shouting at me now.

“She was filming my husband. That’s wrong! She invaded our privacy!”

“I know. And still, you need to calm down. And let me tell you why.”

At that point I made a long and exaggerated look up and down both aisles, showing her with my slow motioning that we were alone, but not for long.

“If you don’t calm down, they’re going to come for you,” I said. “I’ve seen it before. They can be very aggressive.”

“But it’s wrong. She invaded our privacy!”

“Yes, it is wrong. And you need to calm down because they’re going to come for you. I’ve seen it before and I don’t want that to happen to you.”

“She was filming my husband!”

“I know.”

“Why did she do that?”

“I don’t know.”

“She can’t do that.”

“I know. You’re right. That was wrong and she can’t do that and I want to help you so that they don’t come for you. They always come for the loudest one.”

She just paused for a moment.

“I am helping you. Will you breathe with me? Take a deep breath with me?”

She nodded.

I closed my eyes, hoping she’d stay with me and I took a long breath into my belly, a long slow breath out, and then I opened my eyes. I don’t know if she breathed with me or not, but she was silent for those few seconds.

Then, in an intentionally hushed but still nervous voice, she continued.

“She can’t do that. She invaded our privacy!”

“I know. And I’m helping you right now.”

“But what can I do?”

“As soon as we land, you can talk to the people about this. But right now, it isn’t safe to be like this.”

“When we land I can tell the police?”

“Yes, you can tell the police as soon as you land. But right now, we need to calm down. Breathe with me.”

I took a long, slow breath, this time holding her eyes. She didn’t breathe with me like I’d hoped but she didn’t speak and she didn’t look away either.

As I breathed and looked through her thick and fogged lenses, I saw her wearing glasses her entire life, from when she was a young girl, and I saw how it had always been hard for her to see.

She remained quiet after that long breath, holding my gaze as, slowly, her spine softened and she sank from bolt upright back into her seat.

“Thank you,” she said.

“You’re welcome,” I said.

Returning to my seat, I watched inward, entertained by my heart rate as on its own, it slowed and recovered.

I thought about how close I’d come to falling off the fence onto the other side and how it was that moment of seeing the woman that pulled me from fear into love.

The fright in her eyes, the pain and struggle she lives with by being in a world that is against her and taking from her all of the time.

She isn’t the only one out there trying to see through thick, fogged lenses, to see that they’re safe, supported, loved, strong, and capable.

In fact, she is every one of us.

We each have our moments in which the world is so certainly against us. When the circumstances are so definitely not in our favor. And where the only freedom we believe we can have is in the acquiescence of others or some impossible option that includes turning back time.

When we are lucky - lucky enough for some asshole to put his phone back on his lap and instead take a moment to actually see us - maybe then, the love of another can pull us out of our funk or our victimized quandary.

At most other times though, there is only one person that we can depend on. And that’s the other person inside of our head.

We are two voices, at least, all of the time.

When one of these is capable of seeing the other in the way that grace granted me the ability to see this woman, then we have within us someone who is always in-the-ready and who can defuse the situation flaring up within.

Inside of us, we are the whole group sitting in Premium and nobody is coming up or down the aisle. It is up to us to save ourselves from ourselves.

Let us not miss an opportunity to practice seeing our own innocence.

Let us not miss an opportunity to look through thick and fogged lenses into our own eyes - to see the child who is shouting, over and over, for the love that they want; for the love that they need.

Loving you,

John Patrick Morgan

I am Lisa Catto, a proud member of the Being Leadership Team British born, living and working from London.

My first introduction to Steve Hardison was via Jeff Mask.

Jeff was my first official experience of having a coach back in about 2018 he had declared himself a coach in February 2018 - and I jumped at the chance.

I had known Jeff via Keap (formally known as Infusionsoft) for a number of years, having become one of their partners in 2010.  I had also interviewed him on my Infusionsoft unleashed radio show in 2015 - It was a no-brainer to coach with him.

It was here that I met Tiffany Bridges and was introduced to the TBOLITNFL video for the first time.

Tiffany and I joined Jeff at Brandon Craig’s Ontocore program in Utah, in 2019.

Being a Landmark graduate and having been introduced to the world of personal development in 1988 by my mother, this was all very Comfortable for me (sometimes too comfortable)

Tiffany and I have remained super close, and often refer to each other as soul sisters.  There is nobody that calls me out more on my BEing than she does (often with a look of glee on her face / or rolling eyes) when she finds that I’m being incongruent… She loves to tell on me and tell me that she’s telling on me… (We have a lot of humour and love between us as you can tell). 

She called me in January 2021 super excited about this book (The Ultimate Coach). I had to stop what I was doing and go read immediately.  “You know, that guy in the TBOLITNFL video Jeff showed us, I’m going to the event in Arizona, can you fly out …?” 

I did as I was told and read the book (about me) and flew back from visiting Tiffany (TN, USA) to join the Ultimate Experience London Edition.

I loved this community from the outset. Witnessing the birthing of The Being Movement was wonderful experience and seeing the impact on so many souls.

I have found that being in service is something I’m a natural at. Perhaps this has something to do with a need for external validation.  By the very nature of what my career has become, I have found myself in support of many changemakers in my business, including Richard Litvin, Peter Sage, Trevor G. Blake, and …… Steve Hardison, to name a few.

I have realised that ….

I am in the business transformation!

I know that the best impact that I can have in the world is by enabling the changemakers. By amplifying their voice and message in the world.

When I saw Steve Hardison in the early days of the Facebook group’s creation, offering to send people added value in the way of audios and whatnot, I was called to reach out to him.

I was in Arizona at the Keap annual conference with Clate Mask.

I messaged Steve on Facebook and I said 

“Let me support you in the growth of this community, by managing a Keap CRM with the supporting automation in order that we can truly harness the power of the movement  that is in creation.”

Steve referred me straight away to Eric Lofholm and since April 2022 I was invited to join the leadership team.

It’s been a journey…

It continues to be a journey…

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The quality of people and challenges consistently creates an environment of growth and fulfillment, whilst being part of something that is bigger than us all.

I was first introduced to Steve Hardison by Gary Henson in 2010.  Gary said Steve had the best content out there.  I was intrigued.  I love learning.  I respect Gary.  If Gary said it is the best content, then I needed to find out more.  I connected with Steve, like so many of us, through his Facebook page.   

Like many of you, I found the video for TBOLITNFL.  Here is the video if you haven’t seen it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTGxLh8gTPw&t=5078s 

Wow, what a video!  I was inspired.  I started teaching about TBOLITNFL in my seminars.  I shared this with Steve over Facebook Messenger.   

Fast forward to 2020 when Alan Thompson was conducting research for The Ultimate Coach book.  Alan contacted me and asked me to contribute any content I had about Steve.  I shared with Alan some of the messages Steve and I shared over Facebook Messenger in 2010-2012.  I didn’t think much of this.  It wasn’t significant to me.  I was adding value where I could by responding to Alan’s request for content.   

In November 2021 The Ultimate Coach book came out.  I ordered my copy.  I began to read the book.  And to my surprise the messages I shared with Steve and then Alan were in the book!  I was elated.  Elated because of who Steve is to me and the fact I had a mention in the book was meaningful to me.  I shared with Steve over Facebook Messenger on December 6, 2021.  Steve asked me for a phone call the next day.  I called Steve on December 7, 2021 for his request for a call.  He shared with me his enthusiasm for the book.  On that call, it was screaming at me that Steve needed a Facebook group for all the future enthusiasts for the book.  I told Steve he needed a Facebook group.  He told me he didn’t know anything about Facebook groups.  I told him I knew a lot about them.  In that moment I made an offer to Steve.  I offered to set up the Facebook group, lead it and run it.  I would do it at no cost as an act of services out of my love for Steve and my desire to want to serve the community that was about to grow.  By the end of the call Steve asked me to move forward and create the Facebook group.  That night I was away on business in Las Vegas.  From my hotel room I created the group and invited Steve.  I told him everything was ready to go if he was ready to approve me launching the group.  He said Yes!  I went down in front of the hotel lobby and created the first video for the group.  We were live.  Within a we had over 1,000 members!  Early on I made a commitment to myself to manage and lead the Facebook group for the next 20 years.  (This commitment has since grow to 37 years.). The 20 year commitment was made with no expectation of compensation.  It was made from love and service.   

Shortly after launching the group Steve asked me if I could launch an Instagram page.  Despite knowing very little about Instagram I said yes.  I then searched for a few people who could lead the Instagram page.  I found Sarra Adnani and Ayub.  They build a brilliant IG page.  Cordelia Gaffar was then asked to lead the LinkedIn group.  We also launched a website and a YouTube channel with the help of Erik Thureson.  Lisa Catto agreed to oversee our email list.  Within a few months we were reaching thousands of people.  As of this blog post the group has around 8,800 members.  Between all of our social media platforms and our email list our community is a little over 12,000 people.  My vision is the Being Movement! will reach ALL of humanty. 

Greetings, I am Tiffany Bridges, a proud member of the Being Leadership team. It is my pleasure to welcome you to our Being Blog, a platform specifically dedicated to the exploration and celebration of the concept of "Being."

Eight years ago, my transformational journey of Being began when I found myself living under self-imposed expectations (and judgments), heaps of mom guilt, relationship struggles, and engaging in relentless professional pursuits under the belief that it was ‘supposed to be hard’. A chance encounter at Clate Masks' Elite Mastermind led me to Steve Hardison, a beacon of tranquility and authenticity in the midst of the hustle. His embodiment of "being" sparked a curiosity within me, setting me on a path of profound transformation.

During this journey, I discovered the liberating power of self-forgiveness. As I embraced my imperfections and forgave myself for perceived shortcomings and past actions, a significant shift occurred. No longer weighed down by guilt, regret, and self-doubt, I found myself experiencing a newfound freedom and joy.

Embracing self-forgiveness paved the way for a deeper understanding of Being. I became more present, more connected to my desires, and more attuned to those around me. I found profound fulfillment in cherishing each moment, each interaction, and each breath. My capacity for love sees no boundaries and my relationships have blossomed. My business has evolved with me and therefore serves me and others in the most powerful and profound ways. It has also prepared me for some of life's challenges - giving me the ability to see the gift that it is even while I’m in the midst of it. 

Now, my mission is to share these insights and experiences with you through this blog. Our Being Blog serves as a platform to explore the transformative power of Being over doing in all aspects of our lives - leadership, relationships, health and wellness, business, and wealth.

Together, we will delve into questions like, "What does it mean to truly 'be'?" "How can we lead from a place of being?" "What does authenticity look like in our actions?" "How does 'being' manifest in our relationships, in our approach to health and wellness, in the way we conduct business, or in our relationship with wealth?" 

This blog is more than just a collection of articles; it's a sanctuary for growth, exploration, and transformation. It's a space for you to shed the burdensome layers of "have to's" and embrace the liberating, joyous journey of "being."

Excitingly, this journey will not be a solo one. Our blog will feature contributions from a diverse range of voices - core members of our team, featured guests, and members from our vibrant community. Each contributor will bring unique perspectives and insights, enriching our collective understanding and experience of "being."

As we embark on this journey together, we'll discover that when we let go of the "have to's," and judgments we create space for joy, love, and authentic fulfillment. So, let's step into the world of Being together, and witness the extraordinary impact it can have in our lives.

Are you ready to embrace this journey of Being? If you'd love some guidance on this transformative path, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to support and guide you every step of the way.

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